Friday, December 20, 2019

The Radical Groups Of Thinkers - 1548 Words

Throughout the recent centuries, biologists, psychologist, and sociologists have been franticly researching a single question, which if solved, can help us decode our every behavior and decision. Why exactly are we the people we are today? This question has sparked many passionate debates, one of them being; Nature (Genetics, biological traits,) versus Nurture (Environmental effects, learning behavior). There are two radical groups of thinkers in which strictly oppose each other, Nativists and Empiricist and with a common interest in mind, their perspective of how a being develops behaviorally and cognitively differ drastically with very few to none similarities. This theory provides the most insight to the mystery that is ourselves.†¦show more content†¦On the other hand, we have not the slightest proof that behavioral traits are passed down through genetics, which leads us to believe that our next best answer would consist of environmental stimuli influencing our developme nt of the mind. An example of an environmental stimuli would be social interaction, in which we all show signs of change from our fetal stages to the day we die. During this time span of time we form our own unique individuality and behavior. There are many different perspectives of psychology in which psychologists try to explain the reasoning behind humanistic behavior and thinking. There are two extremist groups of psychologists that strictly oppose each other when it comes to the Nature vs. Nurture theory. Nativists, psychologists who adopt strong hereditary reasoning or Nature theory, believe humans are a product of evolution and our inner and external traits as well as our behavior are due to our very complex genetic form. The Nativists believe our individuality is a result of the mixed genetic code, which we get from both of our parents. This code is solely different from any other being in the world. Nativists strongly believe every reaction we have and behavior we exhibit i s part of our genetic code, which still remains a mystery today. These thoughts are so radical that after decades of research and experimentation, it is still strongly believed that our genetic code is the proper

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