Thursday, January 30, 2020

School Lunches Essay Example for Free

School Lunches Essay Studying at school takes much energy from millions of students all over the world. Pupils spend at school approximately 8 hours per day. Therefore many pupils have chronic illnesses, according to that 80 % of school leavers are limited in a profession choice. These problems arise due to malnutrition in school canteens. Consequently this problem worried minds of society. The aim of the report is to explore level of food which submit in Latvia and other camps of the world. â€Å"We can do a tremendous amount of good for kids across the country if we change school lunches,† says Chef Ann Cooper, the self proclaimed â€Å"renegade lunch lady†. Chef Ann Cooper is a celebrated author, chef, educator, and enduring advocate for better food for all children (Insite, 2010) It was established that one of the causes of various â€Å"school† diseases such as dental caries, stunting, disease of the gastrointenstinal tract as well as obesity occur due to the poor quality of food, which is provided by the school administrators, assert Hutton (2011). The author claims that students who chose eating lunch which was proposed by school tended to have excess weight in comparison with those students who chose taking lunch from home. Read more:  Essay About School Canteen   As a rule, students prefer eating fatty meals, for instance, burgers, french fries, chips, drinking sugary lemonades than fruits, vegetables and drinking still water. (Suddath, 2009) It means that the school administration should ban to sell fast food which contain high level of fats. Lucy Komisar is an investigative reporter and author of articles in â€Å"The New York Times† newspaper contend, that schools get food for lunches free of charge from the Agricultural Department and then some schools cook it on site but unfortunately majority schools prefer to turn these qualitative and fresh products into fried chicken nuggets, fruit pastries and others. It means that food loses the nutrition qualities after being processed. Many schools continue to exceed the standards for fat, saturated fat and sodium. (Komisar 2011) The author consider that it occurs because the school administration aspires to save money, because they not want to pay a salary to kitchen workers. Such situation occurs at present in United States of America. The problem of unhealthy food is actual not only in United States of America, but also in European countries. The statistic shows that an obesity epidemic reigns in Great Britain as well, because 25% of young people being classified as obese or overweight (Oliver 2012). Oliver (2012) believes that a school meal is vital for children`s health,  because it is one-third of a child’s daily nutritional intake. It is badly that parents of some children are too busy to cook for their children or they cook – ready meals, thus the only one possibility to eat nutritious meal for children is a school canteen, notes Oliver. Hence government should do everything to encourage children to make healthy choice, otherwise â€Å"children will continue to suffer† wrote author. Finally, compare existing situation in Latvia. The government of Latvia banned to sale in the school canteens and kindergartens unhealthy food and beverages such as: ships, coloured fizzy drinks, dye – containing chewing gums, report Leta (2006). The author state that instead of lemonades school canteen offers more healthier drinks, such as fruit or vegetable juices, water or milk. Milk and dairy products contain many valuable nutrients – calcium and protein, which should be acquired by an organism in childhood and adolescence, recommend doctors. Latvian reform of transformation school`s food, shows good results. The research shows that majority of pupils consider that the most healthier food is dairy products, soups and grain as well, ascertained the research participants. Pupils admitted that at their daily diet there are many vegetables and fruit, which helps them to restore energy (Leta, 2012). Thus the situation in Latvia is encouraging that our children will be healthy and the most cleverer in the world.

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